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Zoey Hall

Monster High Skulltimate Secrets Lagoona Blue Doll

Monster High Skulltimate Secrets Lagoona Blue Doll

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Monster High Skulltimate Secrets dolls offer a spooktacular unboxing experience with 19+ surprises that include fashions . accessories and themed pieces. Color Reveal technology and step-by-step unveiling add magic and mystery . while the coffin container is perfect for storytelling and storage.Biteology class just ended at Monster High and its time for an after-ghoul outfit change! This Skulltimate Secrets Lagoona Blue doll comes with a creeperific locker and fashion surprises.Can you creep a secret Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment . then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.After the fearsomely fun unboxing . the coffin-shaped locker doubles as both a storytelling device and storage container for Lagoona Blue doll and all her clothing and accessories.Lagoona Blue looks fintastic with pastel-streaked hair and boo-tiful beachy fashions that encourage mix-and-match play -all catered to her unique sea monster scaritage!From hibiscus earrings to organic gummy snacks . Skulltimate Secrets comes with 19+ pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them in creative ways for 125+ looks!Explore the whole Monster High collection of dolls and playsets for creepy-cute style and thrilling adventures with the whole boo-crew!

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