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Zanzi Beauty is a fresh British brand specifically for black women, from the lightest to the darkest of tones. The ethos of Zanzi Beauty is to 'Celebrate Yourself', this is reflected in our bold, show stopping product range. 

Zanzi Beauty is more than a cosmetic brand, we are creating a movement of self celebration and awareness of black beauty in all its glorious diversity. Our aim is to make black cosmetics of a luxurious quality available to the UK market and accessible on your doorstep.


Our Colour Range Inspiration…

Whilst travelling through East Africa, we were inspired by the beauty and resilience of the women, who celebrated themselves with beautiful textiles and makeup. One particular woman was wearing the most stunning blue lip stick, which we decided to recreate with our Elektra metallic lip cream.

We have embraced those rich colours and incorporated them into our stunning and uncompromising range of luxurious eyeshadows and lip creams, designed to stand out and make a statement.


ZANZI Products

We know how hard it is as black women to find the right foundation. It’s not just about finding the right shade, but getting the undertone right too.

We created a unique high quality oil-free foundation formula, especially designed to match darker skin tones. 

We have developed the darkest tones first (think of models like Alek Wek), analysing for red, yellow and neutral undertone, our next phase will be to develop the lighter tones.

We want to share our love of vibrant colour with you, our range of richly pigmented colour cosmetics are perfect to stand out from the crowd. Not only are they rich in colour, they also have staying power!

Celebrate Yourself whenever you want – You can tone it down for the office or turn the colour right up! Why not?!...


Don't follow the crowd, be yourself, there are no rules!

Makeup the way it should be...

Animal cruelty-free

We believe that no animal should suffer for beauty. We are therefore committed to being animal cruelty free and are proud to be part of PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies programme.

Paraben Free

Parabens are preservatives which we have removed from all our products. We use safe, glycerine-based preservatives instead, so you can relax and focus on just looking awesome.

Talc Free

Talc is banned in the European Union because of its carcinogenic risks. It is commonly used in eyeshadows and highlighters. None of our products contains talc.


Your safety comes first. We take great care in ensuring our products are rigorously tested to comply with United States FDA and European Union standards, which are the toughest in the world. In the world of online sales, it’s more important than ever that you have 100% trust in the cosmetics that you use. We publish all our ingredients and have listed the Environmental Working Group risk assessment for each ingredient, so you can be informed. You can view these ingredients on the product page for each product on our store.

ZANZI Beauty puts you first.