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Foundation Match

Step 1: Find your closest shade:

Start by using the chart below to find your closest shade. Not sure how to do this? Scroll down for more info.

Step 2: Select your free sample pack color:

Once you think you know your closest color, select it from the swatches below to view the product page for that particular sample pack.

All sample packs come with the 3-4 additional colors closest to it on the chart above.

If you're not sure, feel free to add a couple of sample packs to your cart!


How to choose your foundation

When choosing your foundation, you need to know your undertone as well as your shade.

Your shade is about how light and dark your skin is. This can vary throughout the year, depending on exposure to sunlight, which is why many women need at least two foundations. In the summer your skin will be darker than in the winter.

Your undertone is fixed. It is an underlying pigmentation of your skin, behind the shade of melanin. Beneath your specific skin shade lies a subtle hue of one of the following undertones:

• Cool: Pink, red or blue undertones

• Warm: Yellow or golden undertones

• Neutral: A balance between both cool and warm

How can you find your undertone?

The easiest way is to compare contrast your skin against other colors:

1. The White Vs. Cream Test: Towels are good for this. Grab two towels, one white and the other off-white. While wearing NO makeup, decide which color complements your skin tone best. If it's the pure-white shade, your undertones are cool. If the cream color looks better, then you have warm undertones. If both flatter you just the same, you're neutral. Your wardrobe will give you a hint too - if you look better in blues and greens, you have a cool undertone; if you look better in reds and yellows, you have a warm undertone.

2. The Vein Test: Look at the veins on your wrists. If they're green, then you have warm undertones. If your veins are blue, then you have cool undertones. Do you have both colors or do they appear to be blue-green? Then you have neutral undertones.

3. The Jewellery Test: If gold jewelry enhances your complexion, then you're likely on the warmer side. If silver jewelry looks best on your skin tone, then you have cool undertones.

Why ZANZI Beauty Liquid Cream Foundation?

We have spent a long time analyzing undertones and creating a brand new range of foundation that addresses all the subtle nuances in undertone, specifically for women of color. We currently stock 20 different foundations, for the darkest skin shades. We don't want you to change or lighten your color, we want you to celebrate your beautiful natural skin color. So that's why we developed a brand new range, just for you.

Free Samples (excl. P&P)

We want you to find the perfect foundation as soon as possible, so we will send you some free samples for you to try at home.

When you have found your match, just come back to us to receive 25% off your first order!