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Where do you ship?

We ship across the U.K, Europe and North America, please check out our section on shipping link for details: 

Due to concerns over animal testing, we do not ship to China pending a change in the law.

Why are your products talc free?

Europe has banned talc from all make up products sold due to its proven cancer causing properties, so when the time came for us to formulate our products, we didn't hesitate in excluding it from our ingredients list. Instead of talc we use a naturally occurring mineral called Mica, which offers the same luxurious creamy texture but with none of the risk.

Why are your products paraben free?

The EU has banned certain parabens from make up products due to their links with breast cancer. When formulating our products, we used alternative, safer ingredients to use as preservatives instead.

How do I become a stockist or retail partner?

Please email us at to discuss your wholesale requirements!

How do I become an affiliate?

We have a team of influencers' who regularly post about our products on social media, if you would like to join then please email to discuss the benefits of this.

What other products are you developing?

We're constantly developing new products based on feedback from our Zanzi Tribe. We are broadening our range of foundations to benefit more customers, along with a luxury serum (details coming soon!). Plus lots more lip cream shades, eyeshadow palettes and highlighter. We can't wait!!

How do I know you're cruelty-free?

We are certified Animal Cruelty Free by Peta.

You can find us on their website

Are your ingredients safe?

Our products were formulated in accordance with EU regulations governing cosmetics (EU 1223/2009), which are amongst the highest standards in the world. All our products have been tested after manufacture to ensure that they comply with these regulations. 

For more independant consumer information about our ingredients, you can look them up on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database here:

How many foundation shades do you have?

We currently have 20 shades, aimed at women with the darkest skin tones. We want to give women of colour the most comprehensive range of foundation creams that also take into account their undertones. We are developing lighter shades too, which will be released soon.

Are your products Vegan?

Yes, we are certified as Vegan by Peta, after they reviewed our ingredients.

Are your products Halal?

Yes, we have checked our ingredients for compliance.

What makes your foundation special?

We started our range by focusing purely on the darkest skin shades in the world, giving us one of the most comprehensive ranges for women of colour.

Is your foundation oil-free?

Yes, our foundation creams are specially formulated to be water-based, with silicone to create a super silky feel on the skin

Are there any benefits from regular use of the foundation?

Our foundation formula is enhanced with Retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, regular use may benefit skin rejuvenation.

What's special about your lip creams?

Our new lip creams are designed to be super long lasting, to stay on for as long as you stay out! They have intense pigmentation for maximum effect on brown lips, amazing coverage and require minimum effort to apply.

Are your models photoshopped?

No, we believe in authenticity - our models are not photoshopped, the pictures we take of our 'makeup looks', are taken using lighting to capture the colours as close to real life as possible. Currently, the models in most of our pictures are Alisha Safo and Sharon Sandford, wearing a range of our products, with photography done by Kris Askey whose brief was to capture the products as naturally as possible.