Own Your Own Beauty


Why don’t women of colour have the same options as other women when it comes to beauty?

Why do we feel alienated on what should be a standard expectation in this day and age?

Why can’t we have makeup that is not only highly pigmented or fits our skin tone, but is also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic?

The beauty industry has shifted but only to a certain extent, we as women of colour still find it difficult to find products that are beyond an ‘after-thought’, or simply ticking the ‘diversity’ box.

Facing these challenges, we often find ourselves shopping online, this leaves us vulnerable to products that are poorly regulated in terms of quality and ingredients. Carcinogenic ingredients which have been prohibited by the EU are still being used by major beauty brands in their products as well as brands online.

Women of colour know the importance of quality safe ingredients; as a community, we are already ahead of this game when it comes to our hair products! 

We are changing the playing field and levelling up!

Up until Zanzi, there has not been a makeup brand aimed specifically at women of colour that not only celebrates our beauty but also cares for the skin we’re in. 

This brings us to colourism. Dictated by western beauty standards many of us are led to believe that our skin is too dark, our noses too wide and our lips are too big to be beautiful. Our products are created for our skin tone, highly pigmented to bring a sense of glamour without that ashy look – and are safe. We are Queens and we should celebrate ourselves for who we are. 

Throw out those skin lighteners, embrace your inner and outer beauty.

Celebrate yourself with ZanziBeauty